This is an important question when preparing to take out a loan. Choosing a credit organization is certainly decisive, but what is a priority is to choose the best consumer credit: that of a credit organization that says yes and that offers the best rate.

A serious credit organization

There are a number of criteria that must be met in order to qualify as a very serious credit agency. It is necessary to obtain authorizations from the Banque de France, to know how to respond to controls by the ACP Prudential Control Authority, then to regularly declare its accounts. Credit agencies will also need to be able to provision large sums of money to be able to cope if too many customers start to default. This is called equity, and this is what the Basel 3 accords asked to revise upwards after the financial crisis of the late 2000s.

The conclusion of Astro Finance is that the choice of a credit organization is not decisive because they are necessarily serious and they all lend the same money. The main thing at the end being to get your consumer credit at the best rate.

However, not all credit organizations lend to the same customers. Some will be accepted on one side but refused by another credit organization. And above all, they adapt the rate they offer to the level of risk they detect in customers or specialize in certain markets.

For example, CSF, the Social Credit of Civil Servants, specializes in lending to civil servants. They adapted their rates to the knowledge of civil servants’ careers, their level of risk and their repayment capacity. Another example of a credit organization that adapts to a target: Cetelem. They are practically the only ones to have adapted their capacity to lend money to the people in CDD and they claimed it.

Which credit agency offers the best rate?

To be able to offer you the best rate and an accepted credit, we have developed a unique questionnaire. Obviously, being a credit comparator, we will suggest the classification of the best rates tailored to your project and your file. But that’s not all. To be able to really help you get this best rate from the cheapest credit organization, you will benefit from a non-binding evaluation of this cheapest organization. You can also ask to have one of the organizations that offer the second and third rates for your project.

Also be aware that there is not a credit agency that offers the best rate all the time. Even if some are more customary with low rates, they all change their rate schedules regularly to create ad effects and try to attract the most credit seekers.

Astro Finance’s conclusion : Rather than go directly to the site of one credit organization or another, come compare the best personal loan rates on our site and apply for credit online. This online request is not binding, it will let you know which credit organization accepts you and if they maintain the same rate proposal. It is only when you return the signed credit contract with all the supporting documents that a credit organization takes its final decision and that you will get the money to finance your project.