Moving into a new house or suddenly want to change your living room? A salon credit can be a good solution to avoid breaking the bank in buying a new salon. As a partner of the largest credit organizations on the market, we offer a ranking of the best rates whatever the project, the amount or the desired repayment period. The cheapest salon credit is necessarily in our ranking.

Make sure you get the best salon credit

To take advantage of the lowest rate for a salon credit, the best method is to go through a cheap work loan. As most people do to compare different products or services, why not use this method to find salon credit at the lowest rate? This will compare the best market rates for salon credit. And in addition, it will only take a few moments, 4 minutes on average.

It will then be possible to choose up to three organizations online, likely to accept the salon credit file. When going through a work loan, you will need to attach to the salon loan file, proof of the work to be carried out or an order form for the furniture.

In all cases, this will allow for a competitive rate to negotiate the rates offered in store. These credits are often expensive except during the promotion period because they are often distributed in the form of revolving credit like the Fly card or the Ikéa card. However, there are other payment methods, such as free 3X payment at Alinéa or But. Be careful, however, of the clauses often displayed in an asterisk and very small such as additional costs linked to insurance or a very short reimbursement period which will generate astronomical monthly payments.

Salon credit via personal loan

However, it is not necessary to go through a works credit to take out a salon credit. A personal loan at the best rate has the advantage of not having to present proof to obtain the money. It will then be possible to use the credit money as desired. As for carrying out ancillary projects, if the entire loan has not been swallowed up by the modernization of the show. The rates obtained will however be slightly higher than by going through a works loan.

How to find the lowest salon credit rate?

As we indicated a little above, the simplest solution to find salon credit at the best rate is to use a comparator. Let’s do the experiment together by carrying out a study on our credit comparator. Take a salon loan through a 5000 USD loan through a work loan, to be repaid in 48 months:

  • Lowest rate: 4.50% / Monthly payment: $ 148.53 / Total cost of salon credit: $ 347.08
  • Highest rate: 13.32% / Monthly payment: $ 167.44 / Total cost of salon credit: $ 1,027.84

Almost 700 USD difference (680.76 USD exactly) between the organization offering the best rate and the one offering the highest rate. This is practically the price of a quality sofa or armchair, so why hesitate!

Similarly for a personal loan, the difference will be more than 900 USD this time, take the test for yourself. If the money does not go into the living room, it can be used for any other project by making a personal loan.