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You can’t always do it alone. To capitalize on a large-scale trend or event, your brand sometimes needs the right partner. This is the case with the 2017 total solar eclipse. The ultimate eclipse experience is to travel to a great location and experience the cosmic phenomenon under the guidance of experts. Airbnb and National Geographic realized they could make this a reality by working as a team.

Hence their epic eclipse contest: Two lucky people won a night in a geodesic dome equipped with an observation platform in the Oregon wilderness, followed by a private jet flight to observe the eclipse above n ‘ any pesky cloud cover. A National Geographic astrophysicist and science photographer / journalist have signed up to provide expert knowledge along the way.

Naturally, the brands made the most of the event on social media with live videos that encouraged audience engagement:

Facebook Live Q&A with National Geographic Experts

Facebook Live eclipse cover

Put this item on your to-do list: Brainstorm with your team what outside brands might be the peanut butter in your jelly. If it’s not your competition, there might be nothing to lose and everything to gain from a special promotion that harnesses the combined power of your brand.

Jasmine Atherton, Social Media Manager, Americas for Airbnb, will talk about the live broadcast of the solar eclipse as part of her presentation during the Social Shake-Up webinar How to Use Live Video – From Facebook to Instagram. “ During the webinar, don’t forget to ask him more about coordinating with National Geographic!

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